25 June, 2010

Bersama Keluarga Tersayang ke Ulu Chepor

29 May 2010

This is the best date I ever had in my life...ahhaa..one family gathering...such a beautiful day..

Yehaa..it's time to feel the coldest of Ulu Chepor waterfall!!

Emm..before we departured..stop first at KFC..buy a COMBO set,nugget..yummyy..can't wait to eat it..hurmm...it makes me feel hungry la...ohoo

It takes nearly about half an hour from my house to go there...n I have slept along the way..hahah

Finally ...we arrived at 1 something..can't remember...we founded the dim port n
bentangkan tikar n put all our stuff there n terus terjun lam air...yuhuu...it's cold!!I have snaped my family precious moment ..the pictures it's not much..coz my phone is out of battery..really sorry ..:( neway..juz enjoy the pictures k..:)



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